Completed Projects

Acheivement of the NGO

The Saraswathi Management public Charitable trust, is a registered Non-profit secular social service organization. The services offered by the Charitable organization are common to all irrespective of caste, race, religion and language. This institution was established by the members of the trustees during the financial year 1990 there after they have registered this institution under charitable act during 1996.

To uplift the target group, this NGO have established several social service wings to support their Target Group to make them eligible to cross their un-ending poverty line i.e,

1. Vocational training center.

2. Women development wing for women empowerment.

3. Protection of basics and fundamental human rights of the women, children, youth and adolescent girls.

4. Educational development.

5. Handicapped persons rehabilitation wing.

Every service wing are functioning according to their capacity and experience. The detail information on account of their achievement are furnished below in a nut shell i.e.

Vocational Training Program

The shanmugam I.T.I is a service wing of Saraswathi Shanmugam public Charitable Trust, Kalasapakkam. This is a technical training center approved by the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu. The following vocational trainings are offered to the disabled and destitute at their Technical training center.

1.  Fitter

2.  Electrician

3.  Automobile

4.  Moto-re-winding.

5.  House wiring

6.  A.C. Refrigeration

7.  Welding Technology

8.  Tailoring and Leathering.

For the past 10 years this technical training center was in a position to offer technical training to the educated unemployed persons. The main idea , Aims and Objectives of the Technical Training center is to wipe out unemployment as well as to keep the youth and adults to be occupied with future occupation to prevent them from various Anti-Social activities. The Status of the passed out trainees are listed below to you kind notice please. i.e. Description No. in %
1 No. of passed out trainees who had sought job opportunities in government department 23%
2 No. of passed out trainees who had sought job opportunities in private sectors 27%
3 No. of passed out trainees who had established self help employment by mobilizing their knowledge and skill 38%
4 No. of passed out trainees are awaiting for job opportunities 12%

Women's development wing for women empowerment

We have found nearly 650 self help groups at our project area. These groups are formed among the women and men as well as among the persons identified as disabled. The details of the self help groups are listed below. i.e. Description No. in %
1 No. of groups formed among the women 482
2 No. of groups among the men 120
3 No. of groups among the disabled 48
4 No. of groups were availed loan from Nationalized and scheduled banks. 505
5 No. of groups were availed loan through SSPCT fund 145
6 Total amount of loan offered through the nationalized and scheduled banks Rs 23 Crores
7 Total amount of loan offered through the Sarasathi Shanmugam public Charitable Trust, fund Rs. 65 lakhs

The grant of loan were given to the members of the Self Help Groups to make them eligible to create assets for income generation program. Through our motivation, training and animation the members of the Self Help Groups have understood the concept and the value of grant of loan and the important of repayment of the loan to the concern authorities. Therefore the recovery of the loan is 85% satisfactorily. Our loan is recycled among the beneficiaries who are in the waiting list. Through the formation and stabilization of Self Help Groups we were able to alleviate poverty among the grass root level people living in the urban and rural areas.

Protection of basic and fundamental human rights of the women, children and adolescent girls :

The self help groups formed among the men and women were able to create IEC program among the illiterate to make them eligible to understand their rights and privileges.

Through this program they were able to exercise their power to protect their basic and fundamental human rights of the women, children, adolescent in their project area.

Educational development wing

The NGO were able to identify the school drop out and the illiterate living at the project area through the Self Help Groups as well as the women's federation functioning around the project area. They identified school dropouts and the illiterate persons were given basic and fundamental knowledge in early stage of education and motivated them through IEC program to understand the value and importance of early stage of education. Therefore annually 72% of the illiterate and school dropouts had joined the school and some have joined the school as well as the higher secondary school to continue their education.

Handicapped persons rehabilitation program

Nearly 4286 disabled persons were identified by the NGO during the past 10 years. The identified disabled persons were rehabilitated through various rehabilitation programs. The detail information of the rehabilitated group of disabled are furnished below. Description No. of Persons
1 Total number of persons received orthopedic appliances and mobility aids. 2978
2 Number of persons received hearing aids. 543
3 Number of persons received spectacles 1022
4 Number of disabled persons underwent training in vocational training centers 1308
5 Number of disabled students were given educational assistance to continue their studies from 5th to 12th standard 1019
6 Number of disabled persons who have established Self Help employment 974

To support the disabled persons we have formed several federations among the disabled. Action is being taken by the federation to unit all the disabled persons under one roof to rehabilitate their life for a better future.