Future Project 1





Education to everyone is an indispensable. At the same time, the concept that read and write known is inappropriate in accordance with present newly modernized society contrary, a good quality of education should be based on a good quality of teacher so as to enable students to easily understand and learn in this computer age.

This is the time that all should have the education basically. To such an extent, technological system has grown up now and developed in wide range in metropolitan cities and towns all over the world.

A new education policy has already been introduced in our country and has come into existence for proper implementation among the students. From that time onwards, new education policy is very much useful and meaningful to students.

But in the technological age, life oriented education and professional education is very much needed among the students. Tamil Nadu State Government and private management have been fulfilling the need and desire of students at its level best gradually giving related education.

In general, since students studying in urban schools are very much eager to learn all relevant and required subjects through English medium. In the pursuit of it, much private management have started matriculation higher secondary schools in different names and are running successfully collecting extraordinary fees from the students. These schools are called as Self Finance Institutions. Only those who are living in urban areas are getting this kind of facility comfortably and conveniently. Parents are having apt business accordingly so as to earn Rs.20 thousand at least or they have been the double earning members getting monthly salary adequately or all parents leading a good social life according to a new economic changes are having at least Rs.15,000/- per month easily. These parents only can make their heirs or children as well giving proper education in English medium.

As such, all those who come out from English medium schools completing their course successfully could only get admission so easily from professional colleges. To such an extent, they are well equipped and enriched with wide knowledge in all means. But Tamil medium students are with grip of fear to behave and speak with other English medium students due to inferiority complex. Apart from this, students studying in rural areas are entirely different in acquiring educational system. They were not at all taught properly.

Whereas, when such students are compared to urban area students, there are a lot of changes found within them. As a result, educational system is entirely differed in all means. Still innovative of educational system among the students is needed. On the other hand, rural area students after completing their higher secondary course with flying colors, they are unable to get admission for professional courses which could make employment opportunity at once. Because, there are basically down trodden and so their parents are unable to send their heirs for higher studies. Due to poverty, students are asked by their beloved parents to join in some other courses which are useless and meaningless. In this connection, for all we know, the educational system totally frightens the rural area students for want of money. Their life style system is entirely changed seeking employment opportunity.

Whereof, partiality arises between the rural area students and urban area students automatically. Whereas, In order to cater a good professional education for both rural and urban area students, THE SARASWATHY SHANMUGAM PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST has decided to establish and rum the professional colleges at its sedulous efforts receiving a large scale of GRANT from funding agencies, abroad. Such these are as follows. i) College of Medical Science & Research Institute with Hospital, 2) Paramedical Institute, 3) College of Sidha, Unani, Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Medical Science & Research Institute with Hospital, 4) College of Dental Science, 5) College of Nursing (B.Sc), 6) College of Pharmacy, 7) College of Vetrinerary Science & Research Institute, 8) College of Agriculture Science & Research Institute 9) College of Engineering & Technology, With a view to promote the rural area students who are unable to get admission from professional collages, in a selected professional course giving admission without donation, the Project has been proposed by the Executive Committee.


To impart the professional courses among the rural area students who are unable to go for higher studies due to most back ward condition in economic aspects and make them fully qualified and equipped with wide knowledge of such education and prepared for the related job opportunity wherever possible and avoid the commercial education process.


To emphasize the economically and socially oppressed and depressed students without any discrimination of caste, color, religion or language with proper motivation and make them joined in the professional course as preferred by them.


Establishing and running the Educational Institutions and Research Centers on professional studies in the prescribed place as already mentioned in the sub heading that target area of the project has been the first plan. Then fore most priority has to be given to all those who are hailing from low caste community and oppressed and depressed community for admission in any one of professional courses on the basis of marks obtained in the higher secondary course. The spirit of integrity, fraternity, solidarity and communal harmony will be pursued along with discipline and decorum in all circumstances.


To establish and run the medical college and Research Institute including AIDS counseling Centre along with hospital and offer UG course that MBBS for (eligible Candidates) Students and to send them for house surgeon training to any one of reputed medical hospitals for one year duration making them completed 5 years course successfully and to direct them to get admission in any of specialized P.G. courses either MD or MS any one of diploma courses in any kind as preferred by them and thereafter to send such eligible doctors back to rural areas to serve the society after finishing their course with flying colors. To establish and run this educational institute on collage and offer under Graduate and diploma courses relating to paramedical for eligible candidates and also PG courses for easy going job opportunity, to which duration for UG 5 years, PG for 2 years and diploma course for two years is determined.

To establish and run the dental collage and offer 5 year UG course (B.D.S) and 2 year (MDS) PG Course for students and to direct the doctor student for one year House surgeon training course in any one of esteemed hospitals and there they shall be permitted to serve the society as doctor.

To establish and run the educational institute on Sidha, Unani, Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Ayurveda Collage and Research Centre and offer 5 Year UG Course and 2 Year PG Course for eligible candidates (Students) To establish and run the collage of Nursing and offer 4 year UG course (B.Sc.) and 3 year diploma course for eligible candidates and to direct them to serve the society after completing their course successfully.

To establish and run the college of veterinary science and research Centre and offer 4 year UG and two Year PG course for the eligible candidates and so since it is an immediate job opportunity course, eligible candidates can be directed to serve the society as doctor after completing their course within the stipulated period.

To Establish and run the college of Agriculture and Research institute and offer 4 Year UG and 2 Year PG Course for eligible candidates and so the same thing as said above object will be applicable in all respects. To Establish and run the college of Pharmacy and offer 4 Year UG and 2 Year PG Course for eligible candidates and so the same thing as said above object will be applicable in all respects. To establish and run the college of Engineering and technology and offer 4 Year UG (BE., B.Tech) and two year PG (ME,M.Tech, M.Sc., (Engg) course as well as five year PG course (M.C.A., M.B.A.), in technology and administration and so since it is a valuable course for easy going job opportunity in both government and private sector, eligible candidates can be appointed with high rate of emoluments. N:B. The above said special objects are to be carried out in one place itself but separate governing body will be constituted in the respective collage as resolved by the Executive Committee.


All those who have come out with flying colors from Professional Educational Institution after completing their respective course, will be directed to serve the society in rural areas only as per the agreement executed between this Institution with intention of developing the rural and remote areas like town and people also living there be uplifted and benefited in all aspects thereof. Whereby rural development is imparted and is a great phenomenon and characteristic nature in social aspect.


In our target area, almost People in both sex including children who have the age group between 8-12 years, are forced to be involved or are involved to be survived for their livelihood into matches, crackers manufacturing and printing works. There is no other employment opportunity in remote village for them other than this one.

There are 25 percent of people only have been Literates and have had the employment opportunities both in government and private sector and are separated from the weaker sectional society.

Illiterates including child laborers who are un minded for getting good quality of education, are subjected everywhere in to coolly works through small cottage industries. The other source for earning money has been the crackers and printing works in the pursuit of promoting women, especially disadvantaged women who are captivated, neglected and illtreated by the dilapidated society.

Through women empowerment programs, their sufferings occur in their day to day life are mitigated. Sexual vulnerability and harassment against them is also being eliminated. Dominating these women by elite group who are having the brutal attitude, is intolerable and unbearable. Besides, there is no identity for them in all manners.

Elite groups have been the Nadar and Nayakker and Thever community people. Their heirs easily get admission for the professional courses like M.B.B.S., B.E., and BSc (Agri) and etc from colleges in so many ways. Weaker sectionals heirs are unable to go for higher studies after completing their higher secondary school studies. To such an extent, downtrodden are being oppressed and depressed in all spheres of their life.

In addition to this, their exertion is exploited in all circumstances and so they are found deplorably as their low economical condition prevents their social status. Because, Social status of human being is generally determined basing on the economic development by the society.

Consequently, they are politically threatened to franchise their votes. All those who are leading their social life in remote villagers are generally discriminated and are called morally good but culturally as Uncivilized. As far as women are concerned, they have never lost their chastity with others wantonly. Perhaps, they may be threatened for the sexual harassment, for which they won’t yield to fulfill the desires of the elite group. Due to Scarcity of drinking water and much availability of muddy and contaminated water, people are suffered very much from contagious disease consuming it. Some of them are likely to lose their breath due to un preventive measure.


Well development of educational institution and exaltation of students who are hailing from weaker sectional community, orphaned students, deprived students, legal heirs of disadvantaged women and legal heirs of victims who were severely affected by natural and manmade disasters, simultaneously is very much imparted. Even though the location of educational institution has been in rural area, the entire atmosphere of such institution with good quality of education and high standard in global level will emerge among the students. Such atmosphere will change their minds so as to be in high honor. In accordance with providing such education, all kinds of technical supports and facilities will be catered. A total grant thereto as shown in the budget proposal is needed. As a result, through this educational institution which is to be called as Co-ed colleges, a total no. of students– 1700 in both sexes will be benefited directly and indirectly.


The Centre place which connects and covers five prime districts such as VILLUPPURAM, COIMBATORE, SALEM, VELLORE, TRICHY has been at the outskirt of THIRUVANNAMALAI DISTRICT which has just 100 Kilometers distance.


Project on PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS for Minority Community Development having 10 years of duration seeking grant/loan/Investment is to be implemented in the southern part of Tamilnadu State where minority community people and oppressed and depressed people are living as resolved by the board of Executive Members on the request made by the secretary. Wherein, the Executive Committee of Organization has decided to propose the location for establishing Medical Colleges comprising of Medical Science & Research Institute with apex of Hospital, Paramedical Institute, Sidha & Ayurvedic Medical & Research Institute, Dental College, Nursing College (B.Sc), Pharmacy College, Vetrinerary College & Science Research Institute, at Thengana which connect and covers five districts with a view to promote rural areas students, Minority community and oppressed and depressed class students from urban areas in professional education for the easy going job opportunity, THE SARASWATHY SHANMUGAM PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST has promoted this projects with financial assistance (Grant) of donor agencies, abroad, to which it will appoint a committee by name project implementing committee which is consisting of five experts on various level (one male and one female from medical education, one male and one female from engineering college and one male from agriculture and veterinary science). The secretary of the organization will be the convener who has empowered to appoint sub committees wherever necessary relating to this project, and will carry out the objects of the project.

Whereby, the following colleges with offering of courses are to be established-

College of Medical Science & Research Institute

College of Sidha

Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathic and Naturopathic Research Institute.

Paramedical Institute

Dental College

College of Nursing (B.Sc)

College of Pharmacy

College of Vetrinerary Science & Research Institute

College of Agricultural Research Institute

College of Engineering & Technology



1. M.B.B.S

2. B.D.S

3. Bachelor of Siddha Medicine & Surgery

4. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery

5. Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery

6. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery

7. Bachelor of Naturopathic and Yogic Science


8. B.Sc. Nursing

9. B.Sc. Nursing (For Trained Nursing)


10. B. Pharmacy

11. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T)

12. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Transitory)

13. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (B.O.T)

14. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Transitory)

15. Bachelor of Medical Record Science (B.M.R.Sc.)

16. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.LSc. MLT)

17. BMT in Radio Diagnosis

18. BMT in Radio Therapy

19. BMT in Nuclear Medicine


20. B.E. - Electrical & Electronic Engineering

21. B.E. - Electronics & Communication Engineering

22. B.E - Computer Science & Engineering

23. B.E. - Civil Engineering

24. B,E. - Mechanical Engineering

25. B.Tech. - Information Technology

26. B.E - Bio Technology

27. B.E - Bio Informatics

28. B.E - Bio Medical Engineering

29. B.E - Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

30. B.E - Instrumentation Control Engineering

31. B.E - Production Engineering

32. B.E - Marin Engineering

33. B.E - Aeronautical Engineering


1 Title or Name of the Project Project Proposal for Establishment of Professional Educational Institutions FOR MINORITY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
2 Duration of the Project Regular (Financial Support for 15 Years)
3 Beneficiary of Project Students hailing from Minority Community.
4 No. of Beneficiaries 1700 Students per year
5 Commencing of Project June – 2015
7 Requested Project cost Rs. 3090, 16, 80,000/- (Three thousand Ninety Crores Sixteen lacs and Eighty Thousand only)