The Trust was officially a registered as Charitable Trust under the India 1857 Act at the District Registrar office. Thiruvannamalai on the 13th Dec 1996.

The members of the trust were having a plan to create this trust about 3 years ago to offer a meaningful social services to the needy persons identified as beneficiaries of their programmes on completion of the following tasks ie.

  • To seek sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to handle creation bona-fide development program at the respective project areas.
  • To select the project area and identify the target groups according to their criteria.
  • To Identify the problems of the target group and design suitable remedies to rehabilitate their life.
  • To create partnership for development with the Government Departments, Banks NGOS, Schools, Womens federations and resource persons to promote the infra structure of the NGO.
  • To organize and conduct various IEC programmes in the project area with the team of experts to make the target group to become eligible to rehabilitate their life.

Reference to the above factors the trust had taken a meaningful step to create an effective contact and communication with the grown up NGOS, SHGS and women's federations to seek their guidance, motivation and assistance to function as an ideal NGO in future to serve their target groups. At the beginning the NGO has to depend for fund from the grown-up NGOS, SHGS, Women's Federations as well as from the men of good will to perform their task for the realization of the programme. Later on through their communications and the services rendered to the public, they were able to build-up their capacity to raise funds locally for the planning and implementation of their programmes of the respective project area.

At present the trust is functioning at Thiuvannamalai district in Tamilnadu, South India. They have adopted 3 blocks named as Kalasapakkam, Polur and Thurinjipuram as their project area. The vision of the trust is listed as below.


Vision of the SSPCT is the Integrated Development and creation of a Just Society based on the Global values of Justice, Peace, Love and Unity where equality prevails at all levels and human values are respected.


The World peace and prosperity are threatened by the disparity between the poor and the rich. This unequal distribution of wealth paves the way for unrest and strife. Hence it is our endeavor to improve the economic condition of the common man, especially those who live in the rural areas, through development based on maximum utilization of natures’ generous supply of physical and human resources

We strive to usher in this rural socio economic development, through multi purpose community development programs improve the lifestyles of the rural people especially youth, women and disabled and narrow the gap between the have and have-nots

The building blocks of this multi purpose community development program will be providing education, technical skills and awareness on health issues, especially th most crucial health and social problem of recent days HIV/AIDS and SITs.

Through undertaking the above activities the trust become eligible to undertake the following social welfare activities.

Economic Improvement : Including improvement of the main vocation such as agriculture by handicrafts and animal husbandry establishment of cop operatives small local industries and form credit.

Education : Elementary and Secondary schools spreading illiteracy and adult education while extending and improving school for children including the use of schools as instruments of community improvement and fundamental and adult educational groups.

Improvement of Health Standards : Including environmental sanitation establishment of health services and control of diseases.

Social welfare measures : Specially infant and maternal care family and youth welfare social services for the handicapped first aid nutrition etc.

Improvement of housing facilities : Including furniture and equipment establisment of gardens parks and community facilities such as schools, churches, community centers, market places etc.

Recreation : Existing traditional forms of recreation including drama stage by the people themselves and for which they have made all necessary preparations, the celebrations of festivals or national days, organization of sports, games, athletics, contest etc.

As far as the target group concern the Trust focus more on the well being & happiness of the under mentioned target group.

  • Women and Children including the adolescent.
  • Disabled person having various physical and mental deformities.
  • Women workers employed in a health hazard areas.
  • Uneducated and employed women and youth.
  • Victims of the dependents of various communicable diseases.