On Going Projects


Health development

Public health development in rural and urban areas.

  • Medical health development through education, community participation and community awareness.
  • Construction of hospitals to house the hospitals to look after the health of the poor.
  • Prevention of various communicable diseases through promoting the ICE programs.
  • Creating awareness on STD to prevent HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Organize and conduct periodical medical health camp.

Health Development in Indian System of Medicines :

  • Promoting the Indian systems of medicines through awareness and education.
  • Encourage the rural farmers and the growers of herbal plants to promote the herbal cultivation as a source of income to maintain them like as well as to innovate the herbal product to prevent various communicable diseases.
  • Undertake research on herbal medicines to cure and control the spread of various communicable diseases.
  • Motivate the parents and guardians to add a minimum or maximum quantity of herbal food item every day when they supply the three times meal to their children, youth and adults to facilitate them to protect their healthy living and build up their body and stamina.
  • Promote the herbal producers association to establish market facilities to dispose their herbal production.

Rehabilitation of the disabled

Community based handicapped persons rehabilitation program.
  • Identification and referrals of the disabled.
  • Medical health assistance to ascertain the physical and mental deformities.
  • Supply of orthopedic appliances, mobility aids.
  • Supply of hearing aids and spectacles.
  • Provide financial and material support to enable them to continue their education.
  • Introduce the access, awareness and availability to the disabled persons to undergo training in vocational trade to up-grade their skill to seek job opportunities or to start any self help employment projects.
  • Introduce access awareness and availability to the qualified and experienced disabled persons to seek job opportunities in government dept. or in private sector.
  • Formation and stabilization of self help groups among disabled persons.
  • Create mass awareness among the disabled persons to make them eligible to claim an equal status in public.
  • Create mass awareness among the general public to protect the basic and fundamental human rights of the disabled.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment through economical upliftment, adult education and co-operation

  • Formation and stabilization of self help groups among the self-employed women.
  • Create credit linkage with the nationalized and schedule banks to create assets for income generation program to eradicate program to eradicate poverty and famine.
  • Formation of women federation among the cluster self help groups.

Educational Development of the poor

Up-grading the standard of education of the under-privileged groups of students belonging to the BPL list.

  • Provide financial and material assistance to the poor students to make them eligible to continue their studies without any break.
  • Identify the school drop-out, weaker students child workers and children identified as Dyslexia and undertake a meaningful follow up actions to offer counseling, motivation and animation to make them eligible to join their schools to continue their education.
  • Create educated resources persons from the volunteers and promote their status to function as part time or periodical Educator to undertake the Tuition or Coaching classes to promote the educational standard of the students.
  • Create awareness among the members of the Parents Teachers Association to enable them to identify the drawbacks and deficiencies in their children's school and undertake a meaningful follow up action to wipe out the causes for the drawbacks and deficiencies.
  • Organize and conduct Annual Day functions, Sports, Educational tours, Exposure visit, Periodical medical health camp and exhibition to promote the Inner talents and potentials of the students.

Computer Education and Science & Technology

Wipe out the causes for Illiteracy, Ignorance and poverty through science and technology.

  • Promote computer education among the students who have no access and availability to learn the above trade.
  • Create Modular training program to offer basic and fundamental information in computer education to the rural students.
  • Create Web-sites according to the need assessment of the students and general public to gain benefit.
  • Organize and conduct periodical seminars, workshops and exposure visits to promote the knowledge in computer education.
  • Create access, availability and avenues to the passes out trainees to enable them to seek job opportunities in the Government departments or in the private sectors.